We are glad to welcome you on this page of our site dedicated to the most amazing breed “ the Bengal cat “.This exotic breed combines the breathtaking, wild beauty of the jungle cat with the social and personable temperament of the domestic cat. They are the unique and stunning pets that shows you love and affection.

We are passionate about our Bengal cats and undertook this great adventure in 2006.The Bengals are an important part of our family sharing our house and garden actually our life with us. Our Bengals are free spirits and never caged. Our goal is raising  small house leopards  with a stunning wild expression a sturdy agile body and a wild walk. We focus on socializing our kittens together with the other Bengals to accomplish playful and gorgeous kittens.  If you have dreamed of owning magnificent, beautiful wild feline and behaviour that will steal your heart, then Bengal cats are the perfect pet for you.

Sam is our pet, he his own master in our house. Sam is a Seal mink spotted Bengal. He is friends with all the other Bengals and is always the first either  going somewhere or having a meal. He is very inquisitive and sees or hears everything. He is affectionate, athletic and very fond of playing. Sam is affectionate, although he can be clingy when he does not want to leave your lap. He always is good –humoured, friendly and comical and we love him passionately. He is a brave and successful predator with excellent hunting skills.