werk in uitvoering

During the last two weeks of our cat’s pregnancy, she get special food, because  she needs 25% more to feed her unborn babies. We introduce special maternity beds in two different delivery boxes and in a larger sturdy. When she made her choice she often changes the soft furnishings to her liking. When labour starts we stay close, just observing and attending every wish. We are very privileged to witness the impressive event of  birth of kittens. The awesome change from queen into Mum. Instinctively she knows what to do and when she is done caring for her first born, she lays down regally.

Kittens  can’t regulate their body temperature yet. Their mother’s body temperature is higher and we also place a heating mat at their leisure. We don’t change anything in the delivery box, because the smell of the family is very important for the kittens. We keep disturbances to a minimum because these first days are very important for the bonding process between Mum and kittens. We have to weigh the kittens daily to monitor their development. Kittens don’t like to be taken from their mother and they loudly acknowledge us of their dismay. Therefor we take great care of showing Mum her kitten, before we place it back. After this daily weight ordeal the kitten happily returns to Mum for consolation and the satisfied purring and smacking sounds return.

When the kittens start to get more active we give small and soft toys. The proportions of their little bodies are not yet suitable for walking, but they are growing fast. They are getting more and more interested in their surroundings and as soon as they start climbing out of the playpen, they will move.

Ivan build a customised playground for them, where we place their delivery box, lots of toys and a litterbox. Now they have all the room they need to develop physically and mentally.

The bigger playpen give us the opportunity to start socialise the kittens. Previously, we spend quality time with mother and the babies , but now we have the room to be involved in their daily lives. This involvement is desperately important.

There is enough room for visiting Bengals, who play a very important part in the civilisation of the kittens. They will teach them the Bengals walk and  talk and of course the hunting skills. Our bengals have great education skills they are great teachers. So we all play our part full heartily.